SERP Domination

If you only have one link on the SERP (search engine results page), you’re doing it wrong. The concept of achieving multiple search results on the first page is the thesis of SERP Domination. You’ll be crowding out competitors and make your brand the easy, stand out choice for buyers.

The idea of SERP Domination arose back in 2014 when review sites became more popular, especially for SaaS companies. These review sites would have their own lists of companies to check out, and they’d rank very highly. Videos also rank quite easily. I also discovered during this time that content pieces had the ability to rank for competitive terms alongside SEO-optimized sales pages as long as the titles were marginally different.

As an example, think of trying to rank for the term “best dog food” with an SEO Optimized Page sales page with the title “Best Dog Food | Happy Pet Labs” and then writing a content article called “Your 2018 Best Dog Food Comparison”. Semantically, these two could be easily lumped together under the umbrella of “best dog food”. What I discovered is that these two pages could also rank for the same term, at the same time. That’s some serious business that not only makes you look better but now you have 20% of the first organic page as opposed to 10%. Throw in some Adwords, and now you have 3 spots on the page. Get a mention or review from a third party site that’s ranking on the first page, and now you have four spots.

Note: SERP Domination is a strategy that takes a lot of time to develop, and it can be extremely difficult. However, it can and does work, and when it does, it boosts your perception and more importantly your sales. The beauty comes from the interconnecting nature of the opportunities available to you. While you’re working on your sales page, you’ll be developing content, running ads, and getting reviews. All of this is good business sense and will result in better rankings for everything.

First, think of a keyword that you’d like to rank for. Let’s go with “best dog food” since it’s a high intent term with more than 95,000 searches a month according to my tracker!

Opportunity 1: Rank Your Page

Ah yes, if it was so simple, everyone would do it. The fact of the matter is that SEO isn’t easy, and you won’t rank just because you dropped $5000 on anchor texted .edu sites and you did a link swap with your buddy. Search Engine Optimization is so well-known nowadays, there is more competition than ever. It’s also why SERP Domination isn’t just about getting on the front page, it’s about giving search engines the signals that your page should be ranking highly.

Opportunity 2: Use Search Engine Ads

Wait, I thought you were talking about SEO! Yes, I am, but guess what – a lot of people still click on ads, and a lot of people still buy things from ads. If you’re not using Search Engine Marketing, you need to get on it. It may seem expensive, but search engine ads are almost immediately effective (as opposed to the slow build of SEO) and you can quite often turn $1 into $2 or even more. Spending money to make more money is a hallowed business principle that I don’t feel comfortable turning my back on. And if you can optimize that $1 to make more than $2, you’re in business!

SERP Domination

Opportunity 3: Rank A Video Or Content Piece

I find this task to be the most subtle, and in many ways, the most time-consuming. However, organic content that provides value is always a really easy way to get backlinks. Going back to my example above of “best dog food”, you could create a video called “The 2018 Best Dog Food For Each Breed”. Speaking of which, video reviews tend to rank very well, Youtube videos, in particular, have strong ranking potential. Tons of people watch Youtube, I know that I probably spend at least an hour a day watching different videos. Not only do Youtube videos rank well (maybe some Google relation) but there’s also the chance that someone finds your video organically on Youtube, too!

Written content is always great too (otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it) and one of the main benefits is that you have additional ranking control from semantic keywords and the ability to create backlinks on the page. Have you heard of

Opportunity 4: Get Reviews Or Mentions In Publications and Review Sites

Review sites have amassed some serious domain authority because companies (and consumers) fall for them. I’m not kidding. The M.O. of review sites is to create articles and their own pages listing all of the companies in a particular industry. The companies that get reviewed well then share these pages, or post backlinks to their page on the review sites. As you can imagine, it’s a recipe for success for these review sites. These review pages tend to rank really, really well. Plus, you know what they say: if you can’t beat ‘em, you might as well join ‘em. Take note of the review pages that are ranking for the terms that you want to rank for. Start getting reviews from your customers.

If this isn’t an option, see if there are publications ranking that talk a lot about your product or service, and get them to review it. Many publications release yearly “best of” articles for industries that often hit the page because, you guessed it, companies trip over themselves to post links galore to it. This method could be more difficult because you can’t often choose title tags or what keywords it will rank for, but “best of” keywords tend to be pretty easy to check out.

Opportunity 5: Knowledge Graph and “People Also Ask”

Think of the Knowledge Graph as Position #0 and “People Also Ask” as Position #1/2. On some pages, as in the photo below, the combination of the Knowledge Graph and People Also Ask completely push all Organic results below the fold! Confronted with this much choice, some people don’t even click on the first result. Imagine all of your hard work going to waste just because of that. As you can see, this is a “best of” list, so it’s imperative to get the mentions up and to participate in any sort of list like this. It will give you the best chances at SERP Domination.

SERP Domination


Don’t be content with a single search engine ranking. These days, you need to have at least two to three impressions on any given page to be able to stand out. Through the concepts of SERP Domination, you will be able to control the lion’s share of clicks and eyeballs. You will have your organic sales page, search ads, your content pieces, reviews, and mentions in the knowledge graph and in questions. Just remember this: it may be difficult, but the results are worth it, and utilizing all of the principles in this journey will boost your overall authority on search engines and drastically increase your chances of not just ranking once, but more than that.


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