How To Boost Your Sales With Complementary Ads and Social Content

The only way to succeed on social platforms is to provide value. The problem is, some companies don’t really know how to provide that value. They may think that slamming customers with discount announcements is “value”, because they’re saving money, right?

Other Marketing Agencies and companies think that if they create enough how-to blog posts, they’ll start raking in sales. Now, depending on your customers, this might work. On the contrary, however, most consumers these days are skeptical and they will look at reviews and your competition. People get turned off by too many direct sales posts, and they’re liable to just look over you if all you’re doing is posting cutesy videos without asking for anything more. Luckily, there is a fix for all of this, and implementing it will seriously boost your sales and following all at the same time.

The solution is to make your social content and your ads build on each other and create a feedback loop. If you can devise a strategy for each product and create content around it, you’ll start increasing your sales. In this post, I’ll discuss creating strategies for your products, and then how to work for Content Creation & Copywriting and ads for it. I’ll also discuss the power of retargeting.

Developing Product and Service Strategies
Each product or service you want to sell (which from now on I’ll just call “product”) has a different target audience and a different purchasing funnel. Of course, there is always awareness, consideration, and conversion, but you can mix up the different types depending on what you find responds well with your target audience.

Here are some strategies you could try out for some of your next campaigns:

Lead Generation
Awareness: Ads on Facebook telling people about a new product that leads to your website with a lead gen form.
Consideration: You have several content pieces written describing how to use your product, and you also use customer stories.
Conversion: An ebook with product information that gets you an email address or phone number

Product Release

Awareness: Customers who already follow you on a social program get to see several videos describing a new product that you are releasing.
Consideration: Customers who follow you then receive content with product functionality, and ads getting them to pre-order
Conversion: Ads are released letting customers know the product is available, where to buy, and any other information. Press Release content.

Previous SPECTRE Lead Generation Campaign

Awareness: Content pieces describing the product in a variety of situations
Consideration: Spec sheets and videos showing the product in more depth, plus a landing page with more information
Conversion: Ads for a whitepaper download that provided lead generation

When analyzed after the fact, this lead generation campaign had a conversion rate that was 37% higher than lead generation campaigns without supporting content. Imagine how many leads were missed out on in the past because there wasn’t enough supporting content for the ads!

No matter what strategy you pursue, you’ll want to focus on developing content and ads that build off of each other and push potential customers further down the funnel. This entails having your ads team and content team work together. You will find that they can also bounce ideas off of each other. Now, if you already have a campaign or product to run, then you can distribute the information to each group and have them work on their individual sections.

The Content That Works Best To Support Ads

The best content is informative, provides value, and has a goal behind its creation. Of course, you want your content to feed into a conversion, but you can’t expect every piece of content to directly result in a sale. You should focus on it providing assistance towards the conversion, and the best way to do this is to set a secondary goal for the content. For example, here are some goals: the reader will bookmark to refer to it on a normal basis, the reader will share with their friends, or the reader will share with coworkers or managers.

Here are a few content types that work great both in written and video forms
How-To’s: These are always popular. Some of the best-selling books of all time include the phrase “How To” in their title. You can show how to use your product in a variety of scenarios.
Customer Stories: You can show a customer in their element, or create a case study. Useful for social proof as well for showing how the product would work in that customer’s setting.
Product Specs: If you’re introducing a new product, or if you’re trying to differentiate yourself, this is what you need. Especially useful for technical products.

Creating Ads That Work With Your Content

As you work on content, you should also be working on your ads. That’s the whole point of the strategy! The trick is to determine whether you want ads to be a first-touch solution that introduces users to your product (I.e. they lead to a content site) or a last-touch solution that converts (i.e. a shopping cart or lead form).

Videos work great as a first-touch solution because they really grab attention. You can also use them as a last-touch solution, but Austin SEO Expert found they work better if you’re wanting to introduce users to your funnel.

Photos work for ads that are last-touch because you can often show an aspirational image or include some text in the ad that really encourages people to buy, such as a discount code or a limited offer.


One of the coolest parts about this strategy is that it really ramps up the value of retargeting. If you are not already familiar, retargeting is a way of getting people who haven’t purchased a product to come back to your site to complete or start a purchase. Retargeting tends to be cheap to purchase, and it’s almost always cost-effective. Now, imagine how more effective retargeting is when you combine it with ads and content that are complementary? With this, you have a trifecta. Content gets people interested, ads get people to consider and buy your product, and retargeting ties it all back together with special offers and more value.

How To Boost Your Sales With Complementary Ads and Social Content

One trick: Most retargeting services allow you to retarget by URL. Imagine how cool it would be to have a “how-to” or “customer case study” piece on your product page, or a “lead gen” form retarget for people who’ve just watched a video on your website.


Do you want to increase your product sales or provide more leads for your sales team? You’d do well to first devise a strategy around combining your content and ads in order to engage people in all parts of the purchasing funnel. And remember, the more expensive the product, the more content, and ads you will need to gently “nudge” them to purchase. Don’t forget about retargeting, either – it’s extremely cheap and a really easy way to get people back into the purchase cycle, while also keeping your product and brand top-of-mind.


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