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SPECTRE Research is a digital marketing agency that increases your sales and scales your business with cutting-edge technology and strategy. You’ll outperform your competition with MBA-level competitive strategy and ads optimized by artificial intelligence. It’s time to get with the times.

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Digital Marketing Has Changed

Austin is a city that’s tech-savvy at heart. Shouldn’t your agency follow suit? 

Back in the day, businesses would spend tens of thousands of dollars and months of time on testing ad copy and landing pages. A lot of them still do. Discovering the customer journey was difficult, not to mention placing them in the right part of the marketing funnel. Many companies tried the “spaghetti to the wall” approach to keep up with larger competitors  Then, new developments in artificial intelligence led to uses for machine learning in ad software. Now, we can optimize ads at a faster rate and more accurately identify target audiences 

What We Do At SPECTRE Research

You’ll get better ads, better targeting, better ROI, hell, better everything because we use artificial intelligence software to implement and optimize your paid ad campaigns. We can test at a scale that humans just can’t. 

Google and Bing campaigns are like chess. Just about anyone can play, but you’ll know when you come across a master. We use a blend of creative copywriting, AI optimization, and funnels to boost your ROI.

Because page 2 just isn’t cutting it. It doesn’t matter how competitive it is, SPECTRE RESEARCH uses its search engine domination strategy to keep all eyes on you. Learn more at our page: Austin SEO Company

We use a combination of unique creatives, time-tested copywriting, and cutting-edge AI optimization to get you a higher ROI and better brand perception. We’ve got you covered on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our focus on Custom Audience and funnel development will get you in front of the right people, every time.

Don’t be content with anything but the best. Provide serious value to your customers and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry with quality blog posts, photos, and videos.

Copywriting is the difference between saying “This car has a V8 and  goes  really fast!” And “You’ll feel this car’s power surge through you right when you press on the pedal”. If you really want people to buy, you have to make them feel something. The quickest way to a customer’s attention is through their heart.

Get market qualified leads for your sales team or bring in customers using our specialized marketing and audience building approach.

It’s easy to make assumptions, but we believe in making well-informed choices. SPECTRE RESEARCH uses in-depth target market research and audience building to give you deep insights that the normal advertising agency never would – or could.

Market Research

A campaign's success is directly linked to how strong the research is behind it. SPECTRE RESEARCH believes that the best campaigns understand the intricacies of the industry as well as each client.

Competitive Analysis

To truly succeed, your business must provide value as you differentiate yourself from competitors. Our team is dedicated to understanding your company as well as you do. You'll be prepared for anything.

Strategic Planning

We individualize each client's strategy. Your business isn't a template, your media shouldn't be either! You'll stand out with a unique marketing strategy and site recommendations for maximum visibility.

Campaign Execution

Our method helps us quickly implement your custom advertising and marketing plan. You'll get an ROI undreamed with custom audience development and machine-learning assisted algorithms.

Ready To Rock?

If you want to dominate your competition, get to the top of the search results, and grow your business, we’ll work well together. If you’re content with Google rankings and Facebook ads that a college student could put together, it probably won’t work out.

Every day, the competition gets more fierce, and the companies with the most testing and experience are winning. They have more backlinks, more ads, more market data. You already know that more people are buying online than ever before – it’s time to take advantage. The window is closing to make your company the go-to for your industry.

If you want rapid implementation and scale, there’s only one choice: SPECTRE Research.

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