Case Study - Ticketbud

Selling Tickets Fast and Ranking Organically Faster

The event ticketing space is highly competitive and low-margin. To make matters worse, first-movers had a stranglehold on the market due to contracts. Ticketbud needed a slam-dunk marketing push. Thanks to SPECTRE, Ticketbud was able to hit profitability, rank on the first page for high-volume keywords, and dominate lucrative Adwords queries. It also received a focused brand and marketing strategy that enabled it to face the giants head-on and create its own niche. 

Our Role

  • Overall Strategy
  • Content Creation and Distribution
  • Search Engine Optimization (On and off-page)
  • Reputation Management
  • Digital Ad Management
  • Analytics Management

The Challenge

The event ticketing software space is competitive, and switching costs are low. There are several publicly-traded businesses in event ticketing, with Ticketbud lacking the coherent brand message and marketing strategy to take them on. Ticketbud lacked top-of-mind awareness because of negative reviews from users. 

Before bringing on SPECTRE, Ticketbud had little search presence. Average rankings were on the fourth or fifth page, so it had few organic clicks. Adwords budgets were low and keywords were unoptimized with a lot of waste. 

Ticketbud had changed its pricing model and messaging multiple times, leading to a decrease in market share and a loss of customers. Before SPECTRE had been contracted, Ticketbud had determined a new pricing model that it still has to this day. In all of this, its branding was still in flux because the company was unsure of its clear target audience. 

Taking On Competitors

According to our research, most event creators used Google and Bing to research event software choices. Getting Ticketbud increased visibility on the first page of search engines was our highest priority. We focused on a strategy of sponsored posts in renowned event blogs, backlinks in ticket widgets placed on websites, and press releases detailing new and improved functionality. Many users also read reviews, so we made a concerted effort to boost the number of reviews for Ticketbud.

Over time, Ticketbud would begin to rank higher and higher, reaching the first page for all of the most competitive keywords. One of our proudest moments was outranking one of the first movers of the industry in an extremely high-intent, high volume keyword.


As part of our keyword research, we focused on keywords that would create profitable Adwords campaigns. Our testing helped us discover many valuable keywords. Through our strategy, we would rank at least twice on any given page: once in ads, and once organically. We even uncovered a keyword group with a user acquisition cost of 50% less than any other campaign. Our domination strategy increased traffic to Ticketbud while also boosting the number of leads for inside sales reps.

Building A Targeted Brand

Running in tandem with higher search results and improved customer acquisition was a focus on turning Ticketbud into a focused brand. At the time, most events paid out creators after the event date, whereas Ticketbud had the capability to transfer funds to event ticket sellers beforehand. We developed an initial tagline of “Sell Tickets Fast. Get Paid Faster” that positioned Ticketbud as an effective ticket website that would give event operators the money they needed right now to help pay for expenses.

This was a wildly successful campaign and made Ticketbud look like a strong alternative to the other guys. Competitors were forced to change their payment terms. When everyone is copying you, that means you’re in the driver’s seat. Eventually, even the largest competitor in the space had to make a concession to paying out users before their event ended.


As a result of the work SPECTRE did, Ticketbud boosted its standing in the event ticketing software industry, differentiated itself, and even won several awards for best software from third-party review sites. Our work helped boost Ticketbud traffic by over 75% over the course of a year, with more than 50% of this traffic coming from SEO and 10% coming from paid ads. We also doubled lead volume for demo requests per month over this same time. This was critical because software demo requests typically had a lifetime value of double that of a normal user. On Adwords, SPECTRE helped Ticketbud achieve an ROI of 3.6x. For normal users, we achieved an ROI of 4.3x.

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