Establishing a Digital Presence and Raising Money in a Bear Market

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Cryptocurrency was seeing its lowest valuation in a long time, with many analysts calling it the “crypto recession”. At the same time, Kuende, a visionary social media built on a blockchain, saw a way to use cryptocurrency to enhance its value for consumers. With an ICO, it could also raise the additional funds it needed for developers and marketing.

Our Role

  • Overall Strategy
  • Content Creation and Distribution
  • Reputation Management
  • Digital Ad Management
  • VC Outreach and Fundraising

The Challenge

According to ICO Bench, ICOs raised less and less every month since June of 2018. To give an idea of how grim the picture was, ICOs in September had only raised 2/3 of what was raised in August. Investment in September was only 25% of that which was raised in June.

How was Kuende supposed to raise money in such a market? The answer, as always, is to provide a strong use-case and value to investors. Kuende would also have to have a strong brand and social presence to negate the fears of ICO investors. Kuende would need to differentiate itself, as many critics believed that it was just “another social media”. 

For private investors, SPECTRE needed to work with Kuende’s executives on a master business plan. This plan would include a detailed summary of how funds would be used, monetization plans for the app, and plans to acquire new users. This all needed to be accomplished or no competent VC firm would invest.

Before The Countdown

SPECTRE began building out a plan to establish Kuende’s presence online. In order to reach large numbers of investors, we would use social ads, while building a reputation management campaign on ICO aggregation sites. In addition, we would use content and email outreach to work with larger investors and VC firms in the crypto space.

Our strategy focused on bringing in larger investors because we believed that they would be interested in an innovative social platform for upcoming generations. It may seem paradoxical, but Kuende’s target market for its app was not the same as the people who would want to buy its tokens. We kept this in mind for the duration of fundraising.

3...2...1...And Launch!

SPECTRE’s team killed two birds with one stone. By crafting content that positioned Kuende as a viable social media with options for users as well as businesses, we were able to develop a strong interest from institutional investors and crypto funds.

SPECTRE copywriters took each target country’s interests into consideration. Because of this focus, we saw a cost per signup at 64% less than the goal cost set by Kuende’s team. In Turkey, for example, we achieved $5 per registration. With one Ethereum worth $200 at the time, this was a major win for Kuende.

We developed Facebook ad campaigns that engaged potential investors and drive them into a marketing funnel. Kuende ICO signups received a weekly email with updates on partnerships, token “airdrops”, and content created by the SPECTRE team. Prior to the opening of the official public sale, SPECTRE was running all of the following in concert:

  • Social Ads
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Medium Posts
  • Weekly Emails
  • Display Ad Campaigns on top ICO Aggregators


We increased Kuende’s score on ICOBench from a 3.7 to a 4.0 through responses to critics, as well as a thought piece about Kuende being the “missing piece of social media”. Overall, more than 20 pieces of content were created to display value. 

Facebook Ads

  • Average Click Through Rate: 3.062%
  • Total White-List Signups: 1,898

Country Targeted Example

  • Turkey CTR: 5.69%
  • White-List Signups: 348

VC Outreach

  • Open Rate: 42%
  • Positive Response Rate: 25%

Total Amount Raised for Kuende: 18,059 ETH

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