Our Mission

SPECTRE RESEARCH is dedicated to providing forward-thinking strategy and advertising for our clients. We do this by focusing on always improving ourselves, staying on top of trends, and always being willing to learn.


In Order To Grow, You Need A Foundation.In Order To Succeed, You Need Integrity.

You have your passions, and then you have the things you are good at. What if you were able to combine the two? This is the story of SPECTRE RESEARCH. We have a passion for writing, for learning, and for being better than we were yesterday.

Balance is key. You cannot have successful a campaign without logic and research. You cannot have a successful campaign without emotion and inspiration. The best campaigns blend both! This concept influences everything that we do.

Part of this balance is looking towards the future while respecting the past. Every business wants to be on top of the new trends, and even ahead of them! At the same time, there is much to be gained from those who came before us. We take what we know works, and then we take what we know can work, and implement and test until we find the right method just for you. Performance marketing uses best practices and modifies them using data and each client’s unique needs.

On a plane, someone once asked me if advertising works. Thanks to digital marketing and a data-driven approach, we know 100% for sure if it works. The number never lie. In performance marketing, these numbers also help us realize that truth and integrity are critical.

Transparency is one of our core values – we believe the truth comes out, no matter what. Thanks to our weekly and monthly reports, you’ll know how much you’ve spent on Adwords, on Facebook, on Instagram, and any other ad platform. We don’t do this to have a “competitive advantage”, we do it because it’s what’s right.

Integrity begets integrity. Truth and justice should always be aspired to, no matter what. We focus on the white hat methods because that’s what truly lasts. You might have temporary success with illicit methods, but you’ll always be knocked down in the end. And, at the end of the day, we do this because we want to help people and enhance their lives.

Career Opportunities

Feel inspired by our mission and values? We’d love for you to join us! Check out our openings below and if you find something that fits, reach out to us.

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