Outperform the Competition With Digital Advertising.

SPECTRE RESEARCH is the only performance marketing agency that uses competitive strategy to increase your ROI and scale your business.

Competitive Strategy and Performance Marketing

There’s never been a more perfect fit, and businesses are discovering you cannot have one without the other. What is the purpose of strategy if you lack the ability to execute it properly? And what is the ability to execute, if you don’t know your place in the competitive landscape? Enter SPECTRE RESEARCH.
We are a digital advertising agency specializing in research and machine learning software to target the perfect customers and boost your ROI.

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Who We Serve

Our proven methods perform in both traditional and emerging markets.


Corporate/B2B Acquisition

Get market qualified leads for your sales team or bring in customers using our specialized marketing agencies Austin and audience building.

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E-Commerce Growth

Boost your ROI and increase sales to your online store or Amazon/eBay/Etsy pages with content, ads, and reputation management.

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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Whether you’re pre-ICO, currently raising funds, or you’re post-ICO, we’ve done them all! Get a custom strategy specifically for your goals and needs.

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What We Do

What We Do

Social Media Marketing

We use a combination of time-tested copywriting with cutting edge AI optimization to get you the best possible ROI. We’ve got you covered on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Content Creation & Copywriting

Don’t be content with anything but the best. Provide serious value to your customers and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry with quality blog posts, photos, and videos.

Search Engine Marketing

Google and Bing Text ads and Display campaigns are easy to implement, but hard to get right. We use a blend of copywriting, AI optimization, and competitive strategy to boost your ROI.

Research & Audience Development

It’s easy to make assumptions, but we believe in making well-informed choices. SPECTRE RESEARCH uses in-depth target market research and audience building to give you insights the normal performance firm never could - or would.

Search Engine Optimization

Because page 2 just isn’t cutting it. It doesn’t matter how competitive it is, SPECTRE RESEARCH uses its search engine domination strategy to keep all eyes on you.

Competitive Strategy

Don’t work harder, work smarter. We identify the competitive landscape and your target market to bring you AI-assisted ad optimization and planning your company needs to scale and succeed.


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